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Guest jamhudson

Part Number: 4600125"PRIOR ABS ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY, REMANUFACTURED -- A High Quality, Direct Fit OE Replacement ABS Actuator Assembly, Made In The USA, Includes Prior Product's 12-Month And 15,000-Mile Warranty"


ABS Actuator Assembly

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I have used a Prior unit and they do a very nice job. When I got mine years ago, it was under $400. I cannot imagine why it has doubled in price given that they either get, or rebuild your core. There is a cheaper source for rebuilt Teves in the LA area, around $500 as I recall. Those units are very good also.

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Guest steakneggs

My FSM says that the hydraulic part of the Teves is not rebuildable. Where do these rebuilders get the parts to rebuild. Are they using seals from a floor jack? There are two large Torx bolts to get to the core. It would seem that a hone job and some new seals (wherever they can be found) and you do a $800 job yourself for the cost of the seals and a Jim Finn used accumulator. Except I've never seen an example of the hydraulic section going bad on this forum. It's always the accumulator or something electrical. Steak

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Guest crazytrain2

Below is was what I thought was the "deal of the day" for a rebuilt pump, motor AND it included a new accumulator (I called Cardone to be sure)

When I tried to order from AutoZone they said they were out of stock, as did Cardone and that they had no cores. I offered to send mine in as the core to have rebuilt and Cardone said they don't have a "RRR" (Rebuild, Remanufacture, Retrofit) program set up with Autozone. So I asked who does that is close to me - CarQuest does. CarQuests price to me $578.00 I asked if it came with a jar of vaseline included LOL

Results 1-1 of 1

Product Part No. Price

Cardone Reman / ABS Pump/Motor

Warranty - LLT 12-4408 Price: $208.99

Core: $122.00

Total: $330.99

Core charge refunded with return of old item.

Store: Online:

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