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1985 T-Type Parts Car


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I have a 1985 Bucik Riviera T-Type that i am parting out. Car is Silver with gray leather seats. Please contact me by e mail Buickrivieraman@yahoo.com I ran ad on E bay but alot people that bid never came though for payment I have the motor and trans that run great new timing belt installed befor frame rot dropped the rear bumper. I have included a link for pics too. I am working two jobs right now so takes me a few days to get mail. The car is loacated in Flint Michigan thanks


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Guest TRivownr

Do you still have your T Type? I need the "box/housing" that the heater core is in. I recently bought a new heater core and when re-installing it, I broke the part that holds the springs. Anyway, if you still have that part--let me know how much you want for it.

My address is 21967 Landrum Place, Calha, CO 80808.

Phil Cooley

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