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23 DB carb leaks at Choke

Guest lmccoll

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Guest lmccoll

My 23 DB has a drip at the choke mechanism even when the engine is not running. Is there a seal or packing that can be replaced? I think this is a common problem, but haven't seen how to fix.



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Guest imported_RAH


That Stromberg/Detroit Lubricator carb used on Dodge brothers and several other marques is a relatively simple dashpot design. Unfortunately it is frequently disabled by attempts to adjust or by disassembling to 'clean and restore'. There is not a simple answer to your question but a rather extensive article is available in the Dodge Brothers Club News (Jun/Jul '03 pp18). Back issues of the DBC News are available from the club store on CD for a measley $40.00 covering from '83 to '07. There is a wealth of information contained therein and it is searchable by topic. I seriously recommend this for any interested 'Dodge Brother'.

Rodger "Dodger" Hartley

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