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newbie saying hi and has a question


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Hi all, my name is Rich, I am new to this board, and to Reatta's in general. I am picking up a 90 maui blue tomorrow. I am sure I will spend lots of time here. I was wondering if a rear spoiler was ever a factory option. I have seen a few cars with them on the decklid, but I was not sure if they were factory, or an add on accessory. They sure looked like a factory fit though. Ok talk soon, Thanks, Rich.

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the bull horns were my next question smile.gif actually there is a blue ragtop on ebay now with a rear spoiler. It really looks like it belongs. No matter, I am not going to put one on if it was not an original option. I got my car today though. It is really a great looking car especially in profile. I will register it tomorrow and drive and drive. It seems like a unique, comfortable, beautiful car for a reasonable amount of money. Love the blue. I had an 89 firebird that looked almost the same color. I bet it was.

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