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Info wanted on Studebaker Truck M16-52

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Our museum just acquired a Studebaker M16-52 and drove it 360 miles up the Alaska Highway to our museum. We are having a problem determining the actual year built. Various government documentation shows 3 different years.

The serial number is 39694. Can anyone help us?


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Guest Leonard Shepherd

I emailed my friend who is an expert on Studebaker trucks, and this is what he said.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Leonard; According to the serial number posted, M16-39694, it is a factory produced 1947 model. The M16 was rated as a 1 1/2 ton chassis. The '52' indicates a 152 inch wheelbase truck from the factory. Hope this answers the gentleman's question. Please post on the AACA Forum. Frank</span>

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Our museum is in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Mile 300 on the Alaska Highway. Our website is www.fortnelsonmuseum.ca The museum is not hooked up to the internet, so I do this research from home.

Not being an expert, I will have to check with the curator over this weekend as to which models and years the two Studebaker cars are. I will post the results on this thread on Tuesday

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You are quite correct.

We have one four door blue 1951 Studebaker Champion with suicide doors. We also have one 1955 Studebaker President with a V-8 Pass Master engine.

Both vehicles were made in Hamilton Ontario by the Studebaker Corporation of Canada and both still run.

Our curator also has in his private collection a 1926 Studebaker. He can't remember the model name, but says it was only made that one year, and was similar to a touring car but has a hard top. It is in need of restoration.

If you are ever traveling the Alaska highway, make sure to drop in and see our complete collection

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