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1937 V12 Aluminum Heads


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A decent pair will probably run you around $500 and up. One reason is that so few have survived. Whatever good qualities they had (heat dissipation and weight) was counterbalanced by the fact that they were very susceptible to corrosion. Also, it seems to me there are more susceptible to head gasket leaks since they can only be tightened to about 40 ft. lbs. But they do look great!

The '36 and '37 heads have no markings at all on the top surface, and no boss for the water heater outlet or a temperature sensing unit. There are aftermarket heads out there that look similar. True factory heads will have "HT Lincoln H6050" or "6049" on the bottom edges.

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I just picked up a set of 1937 v12 aluminum heads, fresh out of the basement of my moms house . They have been there about 60 years. In fair condition. If anyone is interested Call Bill Covill In Morgan Utah. 801 829 3316

My friend says to try to sell them on ebay, I may do that. Let me know if your interested.

ps.I won't be home till July 16 th. But I check the computer every night


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