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'89 dies after warming up

Guest alex_houston

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Guest alex_houston

Car cools down and starts and runs fine for about 5 minits.

Good fuel pressure, even after dieing. No current codes.

TPS .40

coolant 85

MS inj pw 18.9

oxy sensor .45 to .61

deg spark 70

Batt 11.8 (engine off) 14.2 running

likely not related but I just replaced both the fans but haven't got it hot enough yet to test them. Prior owner had a wire from fuse 20 to the puller fan to make it always run with engine on. Wire(light guage speaker wire) burned up and fuse was blown which keyed me to a fan issue.

What would be your guess on the running problem? I am guessing crank position sensor.

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Guest alex_houston

Different today. This evening I went out ot move the car to exchange the ICM but it will not start at all. I guess that rules out the IAC? I also bought a new crank sensor.

As soon as I can stand the mosquitos I will swap some things out.

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Take apart the coil packs and clean the corrosion under the spark control module. Also take the top half of the spark control module off the base and clean the corrosion under there also. Light sandpaper ought to do but I also put on a light coat of oxygard, a product used in electricians line of work which helps protect against corrosion inbetween these parts again.

I recommend you try this BEFORE the crank sensor.

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