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Engine Paint Color

Guest groscap

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Guest groscap

Anyone know the correct engine color for Chandler in 1923? My cylinder block did not have any paint left on it. The head was painted a light blue, but it looked like it had been repainted at some point.

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Guest 29Chandler


I was told Du Pont centari Acrylic enamel #YS542A

I have not purchased this paint yet, so I don't know the shade of it. This was passed onto me by Roger Chandler.

I will more than likely go with this color since no one seams to knows the exact color it should be.

If you find out more info, please share it with us!

Jerry Hill

29 Chandler 75

32 Ford Roadster

35 Chevy Delivery

41 International Woodie

56 Chevy Bel Air

63 Sunbeam Alpine

68 Camaro

69 Camaro RS

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Guest 1929Chandler

Jeff as for your 23 I am not sure But the Du Pont Centari Acrylic Enamael YS542A matched my 29 8 Cyl. perfect.

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