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Replace electric window motor on 1983 Olds Delta 88.

Guest erp52

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I took the door panel off, and am wondering if I can replace the motor. Looks like two rivets holding it. Inside I see the motor, and it seems to be connected to a unit that holds the plastic strap.

Does the motor slip out easily, and all I have to do is slip in the new one? Or is there more involved here? Thanks for any advice. Ed Parauka

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The rivets were a GM cost savings (as compared to bolts). You have to drill them out. If you can access the motor, it's possible to swap it without removing the mechanism, but you'd be very lucky if that were the case. Usually you need to remove the complete window mechanism and replace the motor on the bench. If you go this route, be aware that the mechanism has a spring that offloads the weigh of the glass. If you remove the motor, the spring will snap. GM recommends drilling a small hole through the sector gear and the arm of the mechanism and temporarily installing a nut and bolt to secure the spring while the motor is off.

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Hi Joe, Thanks for quick reply. The "mechanism" you mention. Is that the unit that has the plastic strap attached to it? And that I have to take that out also?

The motor I intend to buy from directauto.com shows the electrical connection on one end, and on the other, a small gear sprocket.

I see that the trick is to connect it somehow to that other unit with the strap. Ed Parauka

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Guest pfloro

Hello Ed:

I checked my '84 Fisher Body manual:

1) The complete regulator with motor attached must be removed as a unit (four rivets need to be drilled out).

2) On the bench, the motor is removed by drilling out the two rivets.

3) The new motor is installed with rivets as well.

If you still need help, I can scan the applicable pages & email them to you.


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