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Forced to sell: 1941 Zephyr 4-dr sedan


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Well...my financial situation is such that I'm forced to sell my baby before I got a chance to really enjoy her. For those of you that have not seen her, click here: My new `41 Lincoln Zephyr

Before I put it up on Craig's List and e-Bay, I thought I'd give the <span style="font-weight: bold">REAL</span> enthusiasts and lovers of Zephyrs first shot at this car.

Before I bought the car, I got two independent appraisels, one at $24,150, and the other at $28,250, both back in July of last year, and have not done a thing to her except put about 200 miles on her and a new battery. She still has less than 33,000 original miles on the falt-head V-12 and is in great shape. Everything is original to the car except the headliner, upholstery and carpet.

I'm asking for $25,000 to the first taker. This price also includes lots of extra parts: extra set of iron heads, intake manifold, both exhaust manifolds, two water pumps, an oil pan, a set of 12 pistons and rods, the areodynamic piece that fits between the back bumper and body, and about a foot high stack of manuals and paperwork. It does need a new speedodometer cable, a new rheostadt for the dash lights, a relay for the horn, vacuum hoses for the wipers, and the clock does not work either. Otherwise, everything else works fine.

Let me know if there are any interested parties, and I will get you contact info so we can discuss and answer any questions.

Thanks, Steve

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