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WTB flat face 6v 7" round headlights

Guest 51Patty400

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Try European car parts suppliers for 7 inch round halogen replacement lights - they aren't as easy to find as they used to be, but Bosch and Hella both made units with flat or close to flat lenses, and then you can just install 6V halogen bulbs. I ran those for years in a 39 Six and they worked great. Cibie and Marchall also made them, but with a slightly curved lens; I liked the curved glass better for looks only and swithed to Marchall. Now you can buy complete flat glass headlight units with chrome shells at truck stops. I saw some recently and they look a lot like a 30s aftermarket driving light (from a distance). I think they were $100 ea, and you would have to change to 6V bulbs. Restoration Supply and others have the bulbs.

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Guest 39Super8

I would be glad to sell you the set I removed from my car. They are flat face, 7 inch, with 6-V bulbs and rubber boots. Fellow who had the car before me said they were pricy when new. Let me know, and I will email you pics and info.


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Guest Albert

Mark, Canadian tire last time i check sold the 7" bosch headlights kits, and they may be able to get the bulbs in 6V for you,,,

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