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Ford Top-Loader Parts $75

Guest James_Andrews

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Guest James_Andrews

Used top-loader Ford synchro tranny parts, '32-’40.

All for $75 plus UPS.

48-7561 Clutch release bearing hub (1.753" ID. Has some wear where fork contacts pads)

78-7050 Front bearing retainer (1.743" OD)

81A-7105 Synchro hub (w/ good 81A-7069-B thrust washer)

48-7518 Inspection cover (blasted & painted black)

??-7231 (1st/Rev. shifter fork with used pin from 81A-7222 housing)

81A-7240 Shifter shaft – 1st/Reverse

81A-7241 Shifter shaft – 2nd/High

74-7238 Shifter detent ball, spring, plug - 2 sets plus bullet

B-7115 Cluster gear spacer tube

B-7155 Counter shaft lock pin

??-???? 1950 side shift fork & paddle

James Andrews / 919-742-7438 / jea777@peoplepc.com

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