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Mystery windshield frame and luggage rack: '32 Hudson?

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Both these items have been posted on the "what Is It", forum, with no one responding. I have concluded on my own that the frame is '32 Hudson, closed body, probably the "Major" series, if that makes a difference. Please let me know what your thoughts are, you are the experts. As for the rack, it came from the same source, could it be '32 hudson too?

These items are available at a relative pittance if you should care to own them. Thanks for reading this. Dave



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The windshield is still here, and I'm in a cleaning out mood, so if you are one of the few owning that car, this should be hanging on your garage wall, or even put pictures of your car in it! (see how desperately I want to unload this?) An outright steal at 50 bucks.

The restorer of a Rockne now has the trunk rack. Dave

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