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I need a plunger for solenoid (kinda confused)

Guest proudhon

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Guest proudhon

I'm converting my 49 desoto to 12 volt

(I realize many folks would not aprove but I have

good reasons that I won't go into now.)

I have the wiring installed and anve purchased a new

125 volt solenoid. Its marked 7-965 12v

supposedly for 56 to 60 something starters

The plunger on my orginal 6 volt solenoid was

solid.. It appears the plunger on this one has a hole down the middle where there is a shaft in the solenoid itself

I've hunted everwhere to see if I could find a plunger and no luck

If anyone knows where I can get one I would appreciate it




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Guest simplyconnected

Joe, congrats on the electrical upgrade. It was the best thing I ever did for my '55.

I'm not familiar with DeSoto's, but here is some insight from another board:


"A 6V starter will work on 12V no problem, the 6V wiring is actually heavier than the 12V wiring is. ...as long as the tooth count on the gears is the same, they will interchange. You could even use the complete '55 starter on the '56 motor without any problems."

"According to my '55-56 MoPar parts catalog, '55 and '56 are interchangeable BUT only the 6 cylinder starter with a 6 and 8 cylinder with an 8. Make sense? The Bendix drive is MoPar part number 1473219 for the 6 cylinder, the clutch (drive) is part number 1343708 for the 8 cylinder. Judging by the part number for the 8, it is probably the same as a '54 8 cylinder."

That's my experience, too. I am still running (for the past four years) on my 6-volt starter. I did change the solenoid to 12-volt, but mine bolts to the fender apron, and can be found at any auto parts store.

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Guest proudhon

Are saying you left the solenoid on (with the plunger and all) and just replaced the relay?

I thought (and maybe I'm off base here) the 12 volt solenoid itself was different not just the relay.

The Plungers themselves on the 6 volt and 12 volt are diffently different.

I'd like to find a 12 volt plunger if I could and can't find any one who has one.

can anybody help



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Guest Bob Call


My Hollander interchange book shows that the 49-54 DeSoto 6 cylinder solenoid interchanges with 52-55 8 cylinder (all 6V). 56-59 DeSoto and 56-59 Chrysler, except Imperial, Firesweep and Adventurer, 12V will interchange with each other.

Part numbers in the Hollander, I assume are Autolite, are SS4707, SSX4003, SSX4001 and SSX4002 for the 6V. 12V part numbers are SAD4001, SAD4301 and SAD4501.

It may be next to impossible to find a new solenoid. If your 6V starter works, why not use it? It will work fine on 12V.

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