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Matt Desy

1941 Olds VIN #

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I posted this on the Olds Club site; also thought I'd throw it out to the general group, here. I'm trying to find the location of the vehicle ID # for my cousin's 1941 Olds sedan. It's a model 66, basic 4-door with a 6 cylinder & stick shift; body looks like a '41 Chevy.

CT DMV is hassling him about registering the car because their DMV inpectors (who supposedly have been "all over" this car) cannot find a VIN # tag that matches the number on the title that he got with the car. Obvious places like the door jamb, firewall, cowl, etc. don't have it. I recall some Chevy's of this period having ID tags on the r/h passenger floor. I'm seeing my cousin Labor Day weekend to look for the VIN tag. Any help would sure be appreciated.

Thanks & regards,

Matt Desy

So. Windsor, CT

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There's a bit more to add to your friend's VIN search. First, number locations for 1941 Oldsmobiles: Serial Numbers are located on upper left side on front face of dash; Motor Numbers are on the front end of cylinder block above water pump.

Serial Number ranges for Model 66's are as follows: 66-1001 to 66-85216 (Lansing); Linden 66L-1001 to 66L-11770;

Los Angeles 66C-1001 to 66C-8848.

Motor Numbers start at G-225001 to G-423443, so you're looking for a number

within the above ranges of serial & motor #'s.

Hope this helps, 'cause you're gonna find what you're looking for, and you'll know where your car was made.

Serial # locations were the same from '41 to '48, so look here...

46_to_55_Serial_No_RB.jpg Open larger image, click once to enlarge.


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