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25 DB Trans Input pilot bearing

Guest oldodgeboys

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Guest oldodgeboys

My 25 DB acts like the clutch is not disconnecting, but it is, so my gears always crunch at the shift.

The clutch does not look too bad, but based on the history of the car, most likely the clutch has been in place since the 40's or earlier.

I think the trans input shaft may be turning with the engine due to old lube (or other issues) at the pilot bearing (at the flywheel). I plan to rebuild the trans this coming winter, but I want to drive it for now.

Does anyone have experience simlar to this? Is it posible to add lube to the pilot bearing while everything is still in the car (without contaminating the clutch linings)?



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Guest oldodgeboys

Here is an update to my problem (remember that this original car has been driven very little since around the 40's).

Even though the clutch disks moved freely when I moved them by hand, the lightly rusted flywheel pins surface still concerned me at the G-forces encountered during RPM. I added some light oil to the flywheel pins, trying hard not to get any on the facings.

Well, it worked, mostly. I'd say the problem is about 80% fixed...now I can shift and only get a light gear crash. I still wonder if the pilot bearing is still causing the remainder of my problem.

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