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Silver '89 For Sale in GA/FL $2500

Guest spyhunter2k

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Guest spyhunter2k

I was driving past a local small-time used car lot yesterday and noticed a Reatta. It is in Kingsland, GA, at the extreme SE tip of GA and a couple of miles from the FL line. I've only seen one or two come up for sale locally in the past few years. I went by today and took down some info. While I was there the owner of the lot came by and filled me in a bit on the car.

It is a silver '89 coupe with dark gray interior, VIN 1G4EC11C0KB906101. It has 128K miles. The rub strips are black, there is NO sunroof, and it DOES have the 16-way driver's seat option. The paint job is fair, with a few shallow door dings and scratches. The black paint on the rub strips is flaking in front.

The interior is in pretty good shape. Leather is still pretty good on the passenger side and fair on the driver's side. Deep creases in the driver's seat look very close to cracking, but haven't yet. Per the owner, the touchscreen works as do all power accessories.

Known issues per the used car lot owner:

Leaking A/C (recently converted to 134A).

Rt. headlight will not go up.

Stereo only receives local stations. Owner suspects antenna disconnected.

The front turn signal wraparounds are badly yellowed.

The weatherstripping on each of the front doors is ripped a bit on the front edge, not sure how...

He said he will take $2500 for it.

Here are a couple of pics I took:



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