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For Sale 1936 Chrysler C7 Airstream

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1936 Chrysler Airstream model C7. $15,900. Car located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This was an Arizona rust free car. The body ahd no holes, only minor dings and dents that required minor filler. The paint is smooth and flat. The frame is painted with POR15. This is an almost complete. frame off restoration. I don't have the time to complete and need to part with it. This is a ground up resoration with just a few things yet to complete. It has a fully rebuilt chassis, new coker tires and tubes, new brakes shoes, master cylinder, and wheel cylinders, new clutch, new exhaust, new lines, new fuel tank, new fuel tank, new fuel pump, new water pump, new sending unit, new radiator core, new wiring, new starter and generator, new interior, new paint, new glass, new rubber all around, new running board covers, new chrome (except hub caps), and a lightly re-built engine. Just about everything is rebuilt or new. The remaining work is to finish wiring horns and head lights, and fix a engine knock (this is the only major issue and I believe it to be timing related). The engine rebuild included new rings, crank bearings, gaskets, lifters as required, cleaned block passages, valves as required, ridge removed and lightly honed cylinders. 1936 bearings do not exist. I adapted 1937 bearings, which for the mains was no problem, only had to adjust width. The clearances are correct. I did not replace the connecting rod bearings. The engine knocks when accelerated, but not consistently. Knocking goes away with heavy throttle. It is not consistent, which makes me think it is timing related. The timing is way off by timing light, so I think I may have the distributor off a gear tooth or two. The rear main seal is leaking slightly, even though I installed a new engineered seal. I have a new seal of original design to replace it with. I just don?t have the time to pull the engine and change it. If you want a quick to complete antique car, this is for you. This car is not perfect, but looks great and for the few times I have had it out, it rides nicely. I have $22,000 into it. Call 248-373-6983 for more details and I can send you photos. I tried to fully describe all the known issues and correct condition, but I may have missed a detail you will find, especially if you know Chryslers. Buyer pays and arranges all shipping of vehicle and pick up must be completed within two weeks.

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