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Two Reattas For Sale- AZ- NOW WITH PICS!


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I have 2 reattas I would like to sell, one is an 88 the other is a 91, both are in fair condition with high miles.

The 88 is red with gray int, the int needs work but drives good with exception of rear wheel bearing. I have replaced both front wheel bearings and driver side trans seal (3x's) but still leaks a little, tried replacing the drive shaft also and still same...the electrics work when they want, everything works, though don't know about the antenna. windshild just got broke (ladder fell on it) everything else is good, rear tail light is clear. has almost new tires.

The 91 is all white with flame red int, drives good, just replaced the struts and sway bar links. front end still makes clunk noise when going over rough road. I replaced the rear sub frame supports might need to replace the front ones. the engine has code 41 on I replaced the timming senser but still on and the car runs fine. A/C changed to 134a but needs some work done. interior is in fair condition no rips. I replaced head liner with burgundy (shop couldn't match the red) my dog got ahold of on of the visors so I replaced them with burgundy ones. I have the one red one with hardware for both. I also have the shop repair manual put out by Buick for the 91.

Both cars are in Kingman AZ, 100 miles south of Las Vegas.

If interested e-mail me at powellwfp@yahoo.com

I'm looking to get 2,200.00 for both as a package deal.

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