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wanted:1956 dodge coronet front seat door panels,chrome trim

Guest Tom P

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Hi,does any one out there in AACA land have a good front seat from a 2 dr.1956 coronet 2dr.sedan,also needed are the rear quarter chrome(stainless) trim end pieces, they are about 6-8" long ,or any where or who may have them ? Thank You for a reply

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I am sort of in the same boat. I have a 56 Custom Royal Lancer and need some parts but do not have to have them.

Every once in a while a parts car comes available on E-bay

you just have to keep looking. email me at lordladymopak@webtv.net and if I run across any thing I'll let you know if I run into anything.

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Yeah I did the Hemmings thing and struck out. Ebay was a better source. That website you listed looks promising though, will have to try it out

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