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The dues increase was reviewed and voted on by the BCA board at the March '08 Board meeting in San Antonio.

The board reviewed the Bugle cost, mailing increases, and all the options. Bill Darrow covered in his Presidents message in the May Bugle. It is also online in the board meeting minutes.

Thanks for your support.

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No problem. I just thought I would bring it to the front because of a discussion that came up at our chapter meeting. There are people that were not aware of the incrrease. I thought this was a good way to get it out again. As we have discussed in the past, the Bugle is a first rate magazine. Pete and staff do a hell of a job every month and it is appreciated. I had a recent occasion to look at a Bugle from a couple of years ago and the difference in quality jumps right up and slaps you in the face. There is no comparison with the Bugle of the old days (pre Pete). The current Bugle stands out heads and tails above the old one.

The dues increase is well worth it and would be worth it if it were even higher.

Kudos to the board and to Pete and staff for a super job.


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