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Woodward Dream Cruise - Detroit, MI


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Is anyone planning on heading out to the Woodward Dream Cruise this year?

I saw just one other TC there last year, but I had heard after the fact that a few had shown up.

For those that don't know, the cruise is Saturday, August 16th this year. It heads up historic Woodward avenue for 16 miles starting at 8 Mile in Ferndale and turning around out in Pontiac.

I live out in Ferndale, but I usually take the TC up to around 14 Mile or so and take in the sights for a while before heading back down to Ferndale to hang out around here.

Let me know if you're planning on heading out.

I'll keep an eye out for any other TC's.

- Steve

89 Yellow/Tan/Ginger

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Guest Anthenium

Hi Steve,

I'll be out there, but probably Sans-TC. My wifes has the head gasket issue, and I just never took the 5-Speed out of winter storage. My work has a Party at the Goodyear dealership at 15 Mile & Woodward. I'll be there from 2ish - 5ish. I play in a band, and we're playing at The Ritz later that evening, so not too much time for Dream Cruising. I'll look for you though!


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Guest tcstroud

Was the other TC you saw last year a Yellow 16V with a little boy in a car seat! That would have been Cole and I. I am going to try and make it out, but I have a benefeit event tomorrow night for a friend who is trying to raise money to help with medical bills mounting up from a fight with cancer!!! Some things are more important than cruising.

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