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1931 chrysler CD8 transmission

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Is there somebody who can help me out with any information about a 1931 Chrysler CD 8 4 speed transmission? I do have difficulties with shifting; especially into 3th and direct gear. I took the gearbox apart and I do not see real bad or worn gears, only the 5 tooth of the inside from the sliding gear are a bit worn.Does somebody has an real good exploded view for me. I bougth the master parts book, but that does not help me out. May somebody does know what other kind of transmission can fit behind this car?

I am looking for your information.


Elwin Slegtenhorst

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If you really like to drive this car a lot then consider replacing the troublesome, stodgy trans with something like a driver friendly Tremec TKO-500 or TKO-600 <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">with front shift</span></span>. I like the multiple shift tower configurations possible with this design.

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Here are a few pages from my Chrysler Instruction book. It the original shop manual for my '31 CD8. Hope this helps. If you think that these couple of pages will help, Let me know and I can email you better copies that you should be able to Zoom In on.





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