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For Sale Buick Reatta


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I own a 1989 Buick Reatta. I love the vehicle I just honestly do not think it is for me. Once I bought it I did research on it and being such a rare car I would hate to be the reason to put it in a junk yard. The car has just about 190,000 miles, I am not sure whether that is correct or not. That is the readout on the dash. I do know the exterior could uise some TLC and not alot. It has a few places where it has been keyed it apears and the back bumper does hang a little on the driver side. In my opinion the interior is very great. I am planing on running my steam cleaner on the carpet in the floor boards but there is no rips or tears in the carpet or the seats. It does need a new steering wheel though or to have that one re-upholstered. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am trying to sell it for 4000 obo. My price is always highly negotiable. As I said I did research on the cars but I could not ever begin to guess the worth on them. Honestly if you have any offers or suggestions feel free to give them to me. My phone number is 316-516-6003 and my name is scott. I live in haysville kansas and would be will to show anywhere in the wichita metro area.

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