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We are brand new to AACA and have been encouraged to take our 75 Torino to Hershey this year. Can anyone give us any info on the whole process, such as getting there, presenting car, pre-judging cleaning, etc, also any info on how the weekend works, as far as judging, times, when and where to go once we get to Hershey. Is there someplace where the owners "prep" the car prior to judging, is each car assigned a certain spot, etc. We are in Ohio and plan to come in Friday afternoon. We did manage to get a place to stay! Please advise as far as whatever else we need to do or be at. Many thanks to all! Looking forward to an awesome time in Hershey.

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Have you registered yet? If not, you need to register in the next few days to beat the deadline. You can do that right here on the AACA Website. You can click on the "Meets" tab at the top of the page, then click on "Meet Registration". After you get that done, there will be time for others who have more Hershey Experience than I do to explain more about this incredible experience.

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Well, your friends advising you should have explained that you must have the car registration in by 8/15. You probably joined too late to get the magazine with cover that explained the process. If you want to make it for a judging this year, you better call AACA -Hershey Region tomorrow and see if you can do it be phone.

While you still have time to process the car, I suggest you consider, for this year, observing the process and the flea market, auction, car corral and other events, to better prepare you and the car next year.

If you are only arriving Friday and want to show the car Saturday, you may have a hard time just getting your way around town. You should probably talk to someone in your local area that has been there for some advice.

Also, order a judging handbook which explains the judging process and classes.

Good Luck,


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Thanks to all for the info. Yes, we have registered and it is in the mail today! Now we need to get the specifics from those of you who've done this before: How and when to prep the car, what if it's pouring rain, time to get to the showgrounds, is 7am too late to get in line, etc. Any and all info will be much appreciated! See you in Hershey!

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Dear Torino Lover,It's the BEST ,Rain or Shine it doesn't matter.Sounds like you are driving the car from Ohio.I am not sure what time they start letting you onto the showfield but i know they start lining up before sunup.Once you get your registration packet they tell you where to park and you can start the clean-up process.

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Thanks, Dizzy! We will trailer the car from Ohio. I figured the lineup must start in the weeeeee hours of the early morning! How long does that process take, Getting through the line, registering, etc before you are actually parked. If we are staying about 5 miles from the action, is there somewhere to leave the car trailer in order to unload and get the car in line? Can you unload and then leave the trailer for the day? Lots of questions, sorry. thanks for any info back!

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Guest Leonard Shepherd

I would get there before daybreak. I do each year because I like to here the engines as the cars pull the hill, especially the early cars.






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75 Torino Lover,

You might want to print out the following brochure for Fall Hershey. http://local.aaca.org/hershey/2008brochure.pdf

This brochure covers some of the basics as far far times, etc.

I am not means an expert on Showing a vehicle at Fall Hershey but I will try to answer some of your questions.

From my own personal experience I recommend you consider doing the following:

- If your trailer is an enclosed one, do ALL the cleaning you can possibly do to your car at home in your garage.

When you pack your trailer, be sure to bring all your cleaning supplies and a chamois to dry your car in case it rains.

Even if it does not rain you may need your chamois to wipe the dew off of your vehicle.

- See the brochure for information about trailer parking.

The trailer parking area is probably a mile or so from the show field.

- You can pick up your folder with your registration materials at the Hershey Region Tent on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or at the show field on Saturday.

See the brochure for locations and times. If you can get to Hershey early Friday afternoon it might be worth your while to pickup your folder Friday afternoon.

- The time it takes to get onto the show field varies with the time of day. Earlier is usually better than later in the morning if you do not like waiting in line.

Probably best not to go right when the gates open as there will probably be a backlog of vehicles at that time.

Definitely not a good idea to get to the show to close to when the gates close.

- I STRONGLY recommend that you download and print a copy of the 2008 Judging Guidelines.

This explains in great detail how things are done and can help you avoid making costly mistakes.


Reading the event brochure and the Official Judging Guidelines will answer a lot of your questions.

Also make sure you have a fire extingusiher that meets the requirements as set forth in the Official Judging Guidelines.

If you do not have the proper fire extinguisher you will be disqualified.

I am sure others here will chime in as well as there are other things to consider.

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