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Help- How to remove door trims


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This '55 I just bought is like Kens "Irene".

It's a Virgin wink.gif

Well the interior is anyway. I need to replace a window winder and while I'm at it fix a sticking window and will have to take off the interior door trim to do so.

It would seem the inside of the door has not seen the light of day for 53 years as whatever clips hold it on are all still in tact and are nice and tight.

So my question is......before I start prying the trim off.........

In what order shoud screws, handles, arm rest etc be revoved?

Is the cardboard trim held on with metal tabs that clip into holes in the door and is there any special trick to releasing them or is it just a matter of sliding something between the cardboard and the door to gently pry it away?

I want to avoid damaging the cardboard and vinyl as they are still nice and shouldn't need replacing.( see photo attached)

I realise now that I need a body manual for this car as the shop manual doesn't cover any of this sort of problem.

Until I get a Body manual would anyone have a scan of a page or pages that may cover this process.

And what about the exterior front and rear window trims .........how do they detach as there is some paint work in these areas that I need to attend to and removal of these would be best to achieve the best result and of course to avoid damaging these nice stainless trims.

I'm also looking forward to searching for those elusive build sheets that everyone speaks of.

I found a small sheet of paper that did seem to be attached to the springs under the rear seat with some very....very faint pen marks ( numbers I think) but I'm not sure if it is a build sheet or just a stray piece of paper.

All help appreciated


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Handles are held on with horseshoe shaped clips that are removed with a thin sheet metal tool. The arm rest has two screws. Window molding has two screws. The panel has a couple of bottom screws. The panel is held at the bottom by a retainer so don't pry there. The sides are gently pryed away from the door then lifted up to free the bottom. There are no panel "clips". The panel sides are held on with pins that are pushed into slits in the door sheet metal.

The paper on the springs is just an ident #. I don't think there is a "build sheet" going back to 55's but i could be wrong on that........Bob

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Thanks for the response Bob.......much appreciated

I think I know the "pins" you described. I'm hoping they should be able to be re-insert into the holes again easily.

I'm assuming they were designed to be taken of and re attached again without any major difficulty

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I'm assuming they were designed to be taken of and re attached again without any major difficulty</div></div>

My assumption is that Buick was more concerned with easy assembly rather than easy repair.

The pins are really ring shank nails that are driven into a narrow slot. Sometimes they slide out ok sometimes they break off. A lot depends on the corrosion factor. When I put mine on I coated them with a thin film of Lubriplate.

If a couple break off it's not the end of the world. If the panel doesn't pull up tight a chrome oval head screw and finishing washer neatly applied looks just like it belongs there.......Bob

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