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47 Super Conv 56c Windshield Wash Bottle


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Guest 46BuickSuper


I own a 46 Super and in the process of an engine rebuild I disassembled the vaccum wipers and cannot get the hoses back as they were (I have since learned to take before photos), do you know of a diagram to use? Thanks


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Guest imported_JPIndusi

There usually is a tee fitting under the dash to allow vacuum from the manifold and upper part of thr fuel pump to be shared with the wiper motor and the windshield washer control and pump.

Joe, bCA 33493

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Hi Mike,

Sorry, I haven't checked the site for awhile. Did you get this figured out? I think my shop manual has a diagram. I've hooked mine back up again and I think that its right although I haven't checked it yet as I haven't reinstalled my new windshield wiper/washer cable and I still may not get to it for a while. Let me know.


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