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Ignition/Steering Column help


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I've got an '89 Reatta that I'm getting ready to sell... unfortunately, just before I put it on the market, this happened: I turned the key to the off position, pulled the key out, then realized that the car was still running. Putting the key in does nothing; the black plastic piece you put it in has no resistance, it just turns 180 degrees back and forth, with no reaction. The only way I could get the car to turn off was to unplug the battery...

... so the question is, how do I repair this? Can I get to it without removing the steering wheel? If the steering wheel does need to be removed, I will probably just have a mechanic do it, but even then, is there a special kind that I need to look for? Who does this kind of work? Body shop? Electrician? Locksmith?

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It sounds like your ignition lock went South. Any auto repair shop should be able to correct the problem. New cylinder lock set can be purchased at most auto parts stores (ie: Auto Zone, NAPA). Last resort-- Buick dealer $$$$.

Almost forgot, Yes, the steering wheel has to come off.

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