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'35 Olds help


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I have been helping a friend with his '35 Olds (6 cyl, 4 door). He will need a distributor cap and wires, also, wheel cylinders.

Any idea why most of the catalogs I have found only go back to '37 (wiring) or '36 (brakes)?? Was there a big change between '35 and '36? (like a new ignition or brake system)

Can anyone post a few suggestions on parts sources?



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Guest 36OldsEight


I do not think that there's a large difference mechanically between the two, just a couple of minor trip changes... I will have to look back where we picked up the brake parts, but if memory serves me, Kanter carries a full complement of brake parts for the car.

I have a couple of wiring schematics for a 36 and would be happy to scan and email if you would like. I can also do the same for parts of the shop manual.


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Thanks for your offer. I will pass this on to my friend, and if he continues to strike out, I'm sure we will be back in touch.

As far as the brakes, I am pretty sure Kanter only listed wheel cylinders to 1936. However, as a '38 Buick owner and a long time employee of Delphi (formerly the Delco Moraine division), I am fairly certain those wheel cylinders were all the same. They all said, "Delco, Dayton, Ohio, USA" and were made in the same plant I started at 20 years ago.

Unless the very first year ('35) started up with Lockheed wheel cylinders... you never know!

Thanks again,


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