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1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer/Radiator

Guest AlK

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Anyone know where I can get a radiator for the car in the title. I have tried Griffin Radiator, and most of the custom radiator shops that cropped up in Google. I found one shop in upstate N.Y. that would fabricate one for about $600 +. If I have to go that route so be it but I thought I would try this way first.

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Guest Bob Call

Do you have a radiator with good tanks? If so, a good old fashioned radiator shop should be able to recore it for you. Start by checking the yellow pages for shops that have been in business for 40 or 50 years or more.

These newbies can only remove and replace (R&R on the work ticket). Parts stores drive me nuts! If it's not in their computer it doesn't exist! Went to get a rear turn signal bulb for my 2006 Ford this weekend at a nationwide parts store. The car came from the factory with a 4057 bulb. That bulb has been discontinued, there isn't a place in the rack for it. The kid didn't know what the hell to do because his computer says the part is "Not Available". He seemed amazed when I told him to look at the same model of car only a 2008. Viola! It takes a 4157. Plenty in stock.

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Do you have the original tanks?? Be careful about taking it to just any radiator shop. Chances are the core would have to be replicated and the typical shop would sub-contract that job to an outside manufacturer thus putting about a 50% mark-up on the core. I would deal directly with the manufacturer.

Try Carnegie Manufacturing in P.A. The guys name is Gerry and is very helpful.


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