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Installing Corvette Carpet


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OK gang, I'm going to try and install my first set of carpets in my 66 Convertible. I've done them before in a couple of Chevelle's, but those were two pieces and were easy as pie.

There are a number of cuts to make to allow things to poke through, and I haven't found a very comprehensive set of pictures and instructions to make it go right the first time. Using the old carpet isn't an option, since THOSE holes were so far off. (Which is why I'm replacing it). I guess at least that tells me where NOT to put the holes.

The fronts where the accelerator pedal and dimmer switch come out aren't an issue, and neither are the seat belt anchors. I hear the carpet gets slit where the seat frame bolts to the fiberglass, but could use a photo of that if somebody has one.

In the rear, the part that concerns me is the cut over the wheelhouses where the flat metal piece sticks up near the top frame, just behind the seats. A plastic panel attaches there.

Any hints or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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This has worked for me.

Create a newspaper template of the carpet section that needs to be cut. Then carefully lay the newspaper template over the car floor. Make your cuts in the newspaper. Screw up as many times as you need to get the location just right -- it's only newspaper.

When you have the location of all the holes and slits just right, place the paper template back over the real carpet and mark the location of all slits and holes. You can then cut all the holes in the carpet or, if you are scared like me, cut and match one hole at a time.

The trick is to exactly match your template to the carpet both before and after.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> ......if you are scared like me, cut and match one hole at a time. </div></div>

...And at $259.00 for the full carpet kit that I bought yesterday, it pays to be scared. eek.gif

I ordered it from Corvette America, should be here early next week.

Gloria and I hope to win the Founders Tour "registration lottery" smile.gif and want our car to look its best! grin.gif


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Guest Dave Wyatt

Test fit the carpet over the holes before making any cuts, then mark with chalk. Put seat belt bolts and such back in the car, and feel for the lumps they make to find reference points. It's really pretty simple, just take your time.

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Sounds like a couple super suggestions. I'll do the template deal AND put the bolts in as a reference point. Cool.

Still could use a pix of somebody's flap cut under the front seat though. Even the NCRS judging manual has me scratching my head.

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