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Steering column length of 1977 buick regal?

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If you're going to get one of the Ididit or Flaming River kits, the best thing to do would be to look on their website and see what they state about "how to measure". If you've never done a steering column r&r, there are a few "hard points" in the architecture. One is the flange where it bolts to the floor pan (going through the firewall), where the clamp is that keeps it attached to the instrument panel mounting, where the main column stops and the intermediate shaft attaches to go to the steering gear (the part with the collapsible safety section in it).

Where the intermediate shaft attaches to the main column, it can be either a splined shaft or a "D-shaped" shaft interface--they do NOT mix.

The column you'll get might well have the GM wiring harness color codes for seamless installation to your existing factory harness, but you might need to fabricate something to attach the "fishing line" to the shift indicator in the instrument panel. Probably not a big thing, but something to deal with anyway. You might not have enough room to use the supplied shift quadrant indicator as it's pretty similar to that used on the '67-'72 GM pickup trucks. If you have a console, there's a "back-drive" that will run the indicator (and turn the shift bowl on the column in so doing), which is run by the shift cable from the console shifter . . . IF there's not a shift indicator on the console itself.

So, what you're going to get is basically something designed for the street rod applications which are highly UNIVERSAL in nature. With a little modification, they can be made to fit many other applications, but the key word is "UNIVERSAL". It might be easy to install (with all of their supplied items to do it), but it's not going to be like pulling yours out and bolting another one like it in its place.

You might also end up with one that puts the steering wheel closer to you than the factory column does, which might be why a lot of those columns are "tilt and telescope" so they'll be adjustable and work in more vehicles.

If I was going to measure things, I'd measure from the upper-most metal casting on the steering column, just back of the steering wheel to the flange mounting on the floorpan (inside the car). Then, measure the dimension under the hood of where the main column ends and the intermediate shaft attaches. Remember that the inner shaft of the column will stick out from the main housing's "casing" several inches. From there, the length of the intermediate shaft to the rag joint on the steering gear.

THEN look in the installation accessories section of the website and see what it's going to take to affix it to the vehicle. Instrument panel mounting clamp and the flange items at the floorpan . . . including necessary weather/sound seals and insulation, too.

Of course, you'll need a new steering wheel for the new column. Not just for cosmetics but I suspect the factory wheel will not work well with the aftermarket column.

If there's some operation problem with your existing column, they can be repaired by somebody that knows what they're doing AND has done it before--even some people that repair them for a living (generated by wear and theft issues). With all due respect, that can be done well less expensively than spending close to $800+ (less installation) for an aftermarket steering column.

Just go into the deal with your eyes open.

Just some thoughts,


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