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Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me...I just bought a '41 olds coupe. It is just a frame and body right now. I will beneeding a lot of parts. Does anyone know what other Make/models.years are interchangeable with this year?

Also, If anyone has any info on where to buy parts online, or other. Please let me know. I am currently searching ebay.



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I'll be the first to tell you I am mostly lost on the prewar cars. I wish I could help. I'm hoping our new 1897-1966 forum will attract some of the NAOC folks who know these cars.

That said, what are your plans for this car? A restoration to original, or a restoration with some modifications?

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The '41 Olds 70 series is a B-body, which is the same as the bigger Pontiacs, the mid-range Buicks, and *maybe* the small Cadillac.

The 60 series '41 Olds is an A-Body and the 90 series is a C-Body. Front end sheetmetal should interchange between between all series. Beware of rear bumpers - the 70 series has it's own. Surprizingly, 60 series and 90 series are the same - has to do with the curvature of the rear pans.

Mechanicals are probably pretty interchangable between lines.


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I probably have most of what you could ever need for your 41 Olds,In fact I have two myself a model 78 as well as a model 98 conv coupe. I have accumulated about 6 semi loads of NOS but am to sick to do anything with it. I have a friend who has been listing it all on my website Oldsobsolete.com not much on there yet but he adds 20 t0 30 Items a day with pictures. He knows nothing about the car hobby.Is working on group 8 at this time and we have good coverage from 1930 thru 1980 other car lines as well but if you are patient I think you will be blown away by what you see there.

I wish I felt better and could help you out myself.I just love oldsmobiles

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