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Tinted glass sunroof??


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I recently bought my second 91, this one has a sunroof that is tinted glass. I see all the rest have body color sunroofs.

I have the original window sticker, it has a big rubber stam p from ASC and the date. The headliner and switch look the same. It doesn't open, and I haven't gottne around to having it worked on yet.

Anyone seen this before?



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All Reatta sunroofs that have been verified have steel panels that are painted body color.

Several companies make aftermardet sunroof, including Wabasco, the company that supplied the sunroof for Reattas.

To verify that a Reatta had a sunroof installed at the factory, the "Service Parts Label" would have the code CA1 on the first line.

The Service parts label is located in the trunk, next to the spare tire. You must lift the insulation on the right side of the tire to find the label.

If you find a CA1 on this car, detailed pictures would be nice to document the car.

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There is a little old lady in Sycamore IL, who owns an 89 Reatta Claret/16way. Her husband passed away, and it sits rotting in a car lot. She has no interest in selling, and cannot be contacted. This car has 20,000, and has a glass sunroof, that to me, has always looked factory installed.

Incidentally: I am out of Reattas, but saving this one has always intrigued me. I'd be willing to help anyone interested. I'm sure, however it will not be a bargain.

Tom T.

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