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removing headlight rims

Guest rwolf

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Can someone tell how to remove the headlight rims off my 1924-35 tourer? It should be a simple task, but there are no clamps or holding devices that I can see and I hate to just yank them and do damage.

Normally this car runs very well ( after the valve job ) but last night I was going to take it for an evening cruise when the headlights starting flashing and then just quit. The car then had barely enough power to get it back in the garage.

There don't seem to even be any fuses.

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Hey y'all,

I have the same question on my '38 Special. I'm not sure how to remove the headlight rims to replace a bad bulb.

There are no screws that I can see (other than lamp adjustment), and trying to twist the chrome ring doesn't seem to accomplish much.

Many thanks in advance,


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