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63 Riviera Unique Combination?


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Hi Everyone!

Just bought a rusty 63 Riviera for parts and saw something that I have not seen before. It is a relatively early build, with a date code of 11E (last week of November 1963). Fisher Body number is 9970. It is a smooth dash car with a 140 MPH speedometer.

I was wondering when the smooth dash ended and the ribbed one began? Also, when did the 120 MPH speedometer give way to the 140 MPH speedometer?



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This question is right up my alley...

The 140 MPH speedo seems to have been introduced in 1st week of Nov. '62 (date code 11A). The two 10E cars I have in my database have the 120 MPH speedo. I have two 11A cars with the 120 and two 11A cars with the 140.

The ribbed dash seems to have been introduced in the 5th week of Nov. '62. The earliest case of a ribbed dash car in my database is 11E, same as your car. So now I have one smooth dash 11E and one ribbed dash 11E.

Keep in mind that this is all based on very limited observations.

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Thanks for your reply! I have another couple of 63 Riv's that I know of, I'll try to get you the FB numbers from them, too. Sounds like to get a Riv equpped like this you had a one month window of November, 1962. Thanks for the information and for keeping track of the running changes!


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