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'71 Buick 350 2v

Fred Hanks

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Gents: I just found a '71 Lesabre 350 auto w/a 350 2v... that has been on the road since 1980,it was in a barn all covered up.

I changed plugs,wires, points ,cap ,rotor, condenser and oil plus fresh gas, the engine started and ran fine with a little lifter noise, I ran it off and on for a couple days. and went out to start it today and it will not start !!!!! I have checked to see if it jumped time ,it has not, I checked the coil and am getting spark with a test lite on both sides of the coil and at the points tho it is a yellow spark and am getting very little spark at the plugs... I am at a total loss as the where to go next... I have used 2 batteries "jumped" and still no start ! would the altenator have anything to do with it as it makes a loud noise as a bearing may be shot? This car has 26k orig. miles on it and is like brand new. I can sure use alot of HELP !!


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You have a juice problem, you should have a nice blue spark at the plugs. I'd make sure something hasn't happened to the points and put the old condensor back in just to see it something happened with the new parts. Congrats on your find-- the 350 was one heck of a good engine. Had one in a Pontiac, never took it down, over 179,000 miles--gave it to the kid next door and he drove it.

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