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next stupid question:

removed bulbs from door panels when checking for fuse blowing problem (solved). Now I put bulb back in socket and plastic holder is inside opening in door. how do I re-attach red/clear lense which goes over opening to plastic bulb holder? I know that the lense has four corner clips that slide into holder but there does not seem to be anything that keeps the holder against the inside of panel when pressure is supplied to lense. Holder just falls inside panel. Do I have to take panel off to re-install? Sorry this confusing reading!

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Before you start removing the door panel, try this:

Use a thin piece of rope, or a very flexibla thin wire.

Run it behind the Door Courtesy Lamp on a Diagonal = Start at the bottom left of the lamp, go behind and accross the lamp and come out at top right. Hold pressure on that rope or wire (pull tight), Then snap lens on, Remove rope. That has worked for me several times. Sometimes you need another person to hold the rope etc. Good Luck, Lou

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