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ABS light on dash. How to turn off? 89 Reatta


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The ABS light tells you that your ABS is no longer working. The problem usually is the ABS sensor leads that run to the front hubs. Jim Finn usually has those on hand.

I don't reccomend this but others have just put a piece of electrical tape over the warning/indicater light.

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Guest jamhudson

Mine was on when I bought it and the pedal was hard for a second till the pump motor came on to give power assist. If you hear the motor run when pressing pedal with key on engine off I would guess the accumulator. That's what fixed mine.

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Guest DTerry

I had owned mine for at least a year - maybe two - when for whatever reason I realized one day that during the light show there was no ABS warning. When I checked it out, I discovered that the bulb had been removed. That'll turn it off.

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