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Need a new touch screen


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Guest reattalove

Yes, gentleman smile.gif Hi, Jim! It's Nicki in IL. I purchased a control screen from you a couple years back and it's still working just fine. Anyone know how to get rid of those pesky little wear-and-tear marks on the face of the screen?

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Over a year ago I googled touch screen repair(I believe)

and found a number of sites. Nothing specific for Motorola

so I made a few phone calls. Of the one's I called, they

seem to be model specific and couldn't help. Disappointed,

I gave up.

Hmmm...but now a renewed interest....

Good luck in your endeavor.



1989 White/Blue

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Guest C.F.Massie

To take out scratches on just about anything like plastic lenses, tailights, headlights, etc I use AUTOSOL you can get it through Eastwood. It can be used on metal, glass, fiberglass, plastic, it removes scratches and polishes. I have used it on my touch screen to remove scratches and it did the trick. Go to www.Eastwood.com under cleaning and polishing.

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I have a spare touch screen. It is in really good condition and is 100% functional. I am not sure what to charge for it. I can take pictures of it so you can see it's condition. If it does not meet your expectations when you get it, I will give back your money less shipping.

You can check my feedback on EBay, my user ID is NDNH. In fact I will probably list it on EBay if I don't hear back.

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