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Joe Cozza

Need info about 23 touring

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Hi All

Just took my Aussie 23 touring for a short ride for the first time since I bought it. What a trip!

There's a couple of things I noticed that I need answers to. Is it normal for a touring car not to have much power climbing a small hill in 3rd or should I have used 2nd? I'm not use to a 4cyl.

Also, I noticed a skip in the engine. I plan on changing the plugs, points, rotor,cap,etc. That might not solve the skip but not knowing the last time they were changed it won't hurt.It could be a fuel problem, but one thing at a time.

Can anyone help? Thanks

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Joe, if you remember the hill from my house to Bob's, I can pull it in high gear. You should be able to go up a pretty steep hill in high. Do the tuneup. How's the left brain work while shifting?

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