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Needs a little work ...

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I've always wanted one of those old 'gangster cars' with the hump on the back, so I recently got this '36 olds. I'm totally new to old car restoration, and right at present I'm trying to see what's available by way of parts so I can decide whether to try to put this car back toward original or go forward with my original plan and make a custom out of it. As you can see, a lot of pieces are missing, but the metal and wood are basically sound, with no big dents, rust holes or rot. I have found sources for glass, headlight cans (costly), and maybe a grille, but I still have a lot of questions.

Any comments would be appreciated...

1: The numbers Style 36-3819, body 29314.

One internet reference says this calls out an 8 cylinder 5 passenger touring sedan, but mine has a 6 cylinder engine which looks pretty original. Anybody know whether the reference is correct or maybe this is an error ?

2: This car will be a daily driver. Anyone like to comment on whether it would be expected to keep up with traffic with present running gear or whether swapping out the driveline for something more modern might be in order. I will drive on the interstate occasionally, and perhaps take some long trips.

3: How about brakes ? If working properly will the present brakes be ok or is this thing going to scare me every time I? try to stop ? I see that there are conversion kits available from a few sources ...

4: I have been told that it is fairly easy to remove this body and drop it on to a later model frame to get modern running gear, suspension, and brakes all in one step. Any comments about that, or suggestions about what donor vehicle would be good to use ?

Hope I haven't offended the purists out there with talk of not keeping this original -- as I say, I am still in the decision phase, so give me your comments either way, please...




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According to my materials, 36-3819 is an eight cylinder car. If it was a six, it would be a 36-3619. Someone could have stuck a six in there a long time ago. I don't know what kind of hoops they would have had to jump through to do it. Another indication of six vs. eight is the wheelbase. Sixes are 115 inches, eights are 121.


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An ambitious project to say the least and I wish you a lot of luck with whatever you do with the car.

They are great looking cars in my eyes once they are finished.

Something I learned about these cars and gangsters. The gangsters didn't like this style with the front doors hinged from the front and the rear doors hinged from the rear. It is said that the opposing mobsters would run up to the car and easily wrap a chain around the two handles thereby not allowing the occupants to get out. They could then shoot them like fish in a bowl.

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But from the outside can't the thieves just turn the door handles down and slip off the chain ?

... and shame on the mobsters for letting the other mobsters get close enough to chain them up in the first place - thought these guys were supposed to shoot first and ask questions later *L*

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Looks like ya got a little work ahead of ya, brings back memories of our 34 Olds. 1934 was the first year for hydraulic brakes, this car will stop as good as any with 4 wheel drum. Also, it seemed while hunting for parts, everybody had 36 to 50, now keep in mind this was over 20 years ago. On the 34 the coach would come right off the frame 6-8 bolts?? Dad and I did it right in the garage. Thats all I can remember from our project, good luck no matter which way ya go. Take lots of pics before disassembling.

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