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Radiator Overflow Tank Suggestions?


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'56 Buick Century--As far as I can tell, overflow tanks weren't used, as the overflow tube is soldered to the side of the radiator all the way to the bottom.

Should I install an overflow tank? If so, any recommendations for something that still looks period-correct?



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Why install one. What purpose would it serve. The car came without one because it dosen't need one. If you fill the rad to the proper level there is enough room in the rad for the coolant to expand. the rad should only be filled to cover the tops of the tubes. It should never be filled to the top of the rad when cold.

Since I read my owners manual (after about ten years) and started filling my rad according to directions I havn't added any coolant in 39 years. I just change it every three years and always run a fifty fifty mixture of water and antifreeze.

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Usually, the hot level is about 1/2 way between the top of the radiator core and the bottom of the filler neck--with the engine stopped.

The coolant recovery jugs became popular with the sideways cross-flow radiators of the later 1960s. If they didn't have coolant all the way to the top of the filler neck, they lost cooling capacity with air space at the top of the core. So the remote jug was used to be the expansion chamber of sorts for the radiator rather than a part of the radiator itself.

If you really want to add one, you'll need to make sure that it's mounted at about the same level as the top of the radiator so it'll work and such. PLUS having a radiator cap rated for such a system to make it work.

IF you want one to satisfy some particular drag racing rules for "a catch can", then you have a little more leeway in what you do and where you might mount it as you're only trying to keep "up-chucked" coolant from hitting the racing surface more than putting coolant back into the radiator as things cool down.



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