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linked chain speedo cable


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On my '13 I took apart the speedo cable the other day, it was not working when I got the car last year. The core of the cable is a linked chain with 1" links and about 1/8" dia rod stock. The end is a machined part that I need to duplicate for the wheel end.

Is this type of speedo cable used on any other year Stude or other cars? Is it being repro'ed, or at least the links? I need about three or four more links. I figure I will have to make the end.

thanks- Bill




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I believe most are replacing the old chain drives with modern cable drives that have Tee adapters welded or braised onto the ends.

I recently bought a digital bicycle speedometer that uses a battery like a hearing aid. I hot-glued the magnet pick up to the wheel gear and ran the two small wires up the original speedometer sheath to the dash of my 13 Buick.

Now I have an silent & accurate speedometer that also gives me the time, distance traveled, etc.... It was on sale for under $15.

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