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Dash Pad Problems

Guest Bluesky636

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Guest Bluesky636

The reproduction dash pad that I installed in the RED 1964 Galaxie has developed a problem. A giant blister has formed on the flat surface above the instrument cluster. Obviously the adhesive holding the vinyl to the foam has failed and heat from the sun has expanded the air between the foam and the vinyl creating a blister about 6" long by 4" wide. I cut a small "X" in the middle of the blister to let the air escape and prevent further expansion.

I'm looking for an easy and inexpensive way to reaffix the vinyl to the pad. I'm gussing that I will need to cut open the blister and inject some adhesive under the vinyl and close everything up as smooth as I can. What I am not sure of is:

1. Should I cut a large "X" in the blister to open it up or cut around the perimeter and remove it entirely?

2. I guessing that the vinyl has expanded a little and may need to be trimmed down. Suggestions on how to do this?

3. What sort of adhesive should I use that won't damage the underlying foam?

This pad was an inexpensive E-Bay special purchased about 5 years ago. A good reproduction pad is about $500.00 which I just don't have in the budget. If worse comes to worse, I have one of those form fit covers that goes over a bad dash pad. It is flexible plastic of some sort and the grain looks close to original, but I would rather use that as a last resort.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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Injection needles do a great job for gluing things you dont wish to take apart.They leave smal holes.In your case I would not cut.Try a ice pack and see how much if any it will shrink????You need to find a compatable glue,good sourse a place that does car appolstery/vinal tops or convertable tops.

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