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Color Coding Front Speaker wires

Guest EDBS0

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89 Reatta to the front speakers Drivers side there is a red wire and a Black wire.<P>Which is Positive?<BR>Which is Ground? <P>Is passenger's side the same?<P>Couldn't find answer in Manual frown.gif" border="0<P>Thinking red positive, will check with volt meter if no responses.<P>Foam surround completely gonzo! nothing left.<p>[ 08-16-2002: Message edited by: Easily Distracted ]

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Thanks, in the door, installing Infinity 693.5I 6 x 9 3-way Speakers with the 1" EMIT? super tweeter . Tight fit in the doors, deep speakers, lots of dremel work and some unexpexted window stuff behind the stock speaker opening. Should finish tomorrow, will report.

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