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Need Photos of a 55 engine


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Can anyone point me to or post some photos of a 55 264 V8.I want to view some detailed shots of each side to see if the engine in my recent acquisition is correct.Are there any easy ways to determine if it is the right engine for a special (other than a 2brl carb) maybe certain engine Numbers?Is there any visual differences between a 55 or later v8?Would a 56 special engine look different? I know they are bigger in capacity.Thanks

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I just read the other post regarding serial numbers and it seams mine is a 264 as the serial number is V7617364 which as it starts with 7 and end in 4 sugests it is a 55 40 series motor.

I would still like to see some detailed photos of 264 engines as mine seems to have a different exhaust manifold set up so that it has a twin exhaust system.

ie: the left and right manifolds each have separate exhaust pipes that exit down each side of the frame.

I believe the factory set up is for a single exhaust system on all 55 models.

Any suggestions as to what has been added here? Maybe 56 exhaust manifolds? would they fit the 264?

Sorry.........don't have any pics of the motor at present

But this is the rear of the car showing the twin system


and the front


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I'm far from an expert on these cars but my understanding is that the '55s did not come with duals and it's a major project to convert them as there are several things in the way including the master cylinder.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Here's a picture of a 54 322 it it helps. The 55's engine numbers started at 720080 and 56 at 1460029 and 54 at 273956 so I woud say you definitley have a 55 engine.

I'm pretty sure a 56 manifld would bolt up to a 55 264

Jack that baby up or better yet get it up on a lift so we can see how they ran the exhaust.


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I'd love to put it up on a hoist but at the moment it's stored away from my shed. I'll have to try to get my trolley jack up there and see if I can clarify how the exhaust is set up.

I'm presuming it may have had a 56 exhaust manifold put on it some time in the past.

The right side (passenger side) exhaust manifold also has an outlet for maybe a stove pipe or whatever on the top centre of the manifold above where it then goes down and back to the exhaust flange.

I don't think this is right for 55 either is it? Maybe 56 as well?

Any thoughts.........anyone?

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