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When Joining a Club - question-

Guest Mark Golding

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Guest Mark Golding

Hi All I started that thread somewhere in these pages about what you do at your regions meetings the results are great, But I have a more direct to the point question for this one.

When You Join a club or any type car club what do you expect from it?

I'm courious if your feeling on joining a club are the same as mine. I'm not reveiling my feelings right now just want to see what others expect from joining a car or truck or bus or anything club.

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I wrote this years ago and it's published every month on our

Newsletter masthead:

The Pin-MAR Antique Car Club, Inc. is a not for profit corporation founded as a club in Pinellas County Florida in 1964. The club’s founders were dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Model A Ford. The club now enjoys over 179 member families from all walks of life who restore and enjoy a large variety of antique and collector cars. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, usually at Heritage Village, or as announced in this newsletter. The club conducts tours, outings, the annual Heritage Village Antique Car Show, and sponsorship of the Heritage Village General Mercantile & Garage. It’s a fun, all volunteer club for the entire family, with annual dues (June 1-May 30) set at only $20.00.

What it does not say is that this club exists for fun with old cars. I've belonged for 35 years and have made many great friendships with people of similar interests. While we are primarily Pre WWII vehicles, we welcome all. We even have

3 of the original Charter Members! Pretty good for 44 years.

While most of us belong to National Clubs too, we spend lots of time and energy enjoying our vehicles and each other with

a fun club. We have at least one car outing a month, often two, drawing as many as 40 to 60 cars. Food plays an important role in out outings and tours. We are the largest local club on Florida's west coast and usually send 4-8 cars to the Glidden & Sentimental Tours and even fielded Great American Race teams twice.

These are the things I'd want to know about a club.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Mark Shaw</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Just add the ample technical expertise, where to find parts & services and the encouragement you get from other club members to complete the package.</div></div>

Yeah, but people shouldn't do what one of our region members did. He joined the club and people liked him and became close friends with him.

Then he went out and bought a Model T that he knew nothing about (but his friends knew pretty much everything there is to know about Model T's) that needed to be restored. It got dumped onto the guys that had become friends with him to do most of the work. And he was always out of town before tours, parades and events so it fell to them to get this guy's car ready to go.

Sure they could have said no, and at times did to get the point across to him, it should have never come to that.

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Guest Mark Golding

Ok to everything above But I think I might have asked the question wrong, I know what clubs do but <span style="font-weight: bold"> What do you want from a Club?</span>

I have been in several clubs and none of them really do what I would like to be doing. Again I'll fill that in later.

I think there are a lot of folks out there that would like to join any club but what something special when they join.

Freinds etc are fine but WHY DID YOU JOIN THE CLUB? Did you get what you expected or just freinds.

I have ran a few clubs like the one I have now for the British Bus Owners around the world. And I set the club up for a purpose and most if not all my members are getting what they want in a club for these buses. My Big thing is my club is different than local clubs becuase I may never meet my members face to face. I have met 4 of them, they are not local they may be in the same country but 100's of miles from me.

I am courious to find out what others would like to see in a LOCAL club. What they expect from the club and other members.

Shop Rat that fellow was just looking for someone to rebuild his Model T ,it's happened to me a few times but here's the thing let's say he's out on the road and something breaks as it always does in old cars and trucks and Buses. What do you do , Most folks get out thier tool box and fix it with what ever they need to do to get her home. This poor guy has the opertunitiy to work with others that know what to do but is not around for that part of the restoration of his T and when he breaks down what's he going to do? Call the local mechanic, HAHHA or a tow truck.

When I was in Model T's I took my truck everywhere, I once had a faulty spark plug wire and had to fix it to keep going in the tour, I went to the side of the road with a pair of plyers and cut a section of Barbed wire off a fence and put that on, it worked so well I just left it for the rest of the tour.

I feel for folks that join a club then let others do thier work for them. But I do know a lot of folks with antique cars that don't know how to repair them.

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Guest AntarcticDave

For me the things I enjoy, beyond the friendship and comraderie, are:

Having people to tour with, do burger runs, go to shows with, etc. It's especially nice on a long trip to know there are people along who will be there if you break down, etc.

Having a monthly (or semi-monthly) meeting to keep informed on the local club and car scene.

Receiving a local club newsletter with useful or interesting articles, lists of upcoming events, etc.

Having a source of referals for local mechanics, body shops, parts suppliers, etc.

Contribute as a group to worthwhile local causes (3 of my 4 local clubs support local charities in one way or another).

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