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Sound system alternatives


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I have seen some discussion about upgrades or replacement. My '89 sound system right now does not make sound. Before it went"real bad" it was popping quite a bit. My choices are to repair. Retrofit a new unit in. Modify existing unit and add a remote cd player.

I would like;

MP3 input ability(universal &/or Ipod)

CD player

Do not need /want;

Cassette player


My question would be, " what has been done " .

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If I remember correctly, did you not help me out with an article several years ago....if same same (persons name was Walt), I recall you had a superior Reatta (Red maybe)....please keep it stock if you can.

The stock stereo is not a bad unit and I am sure it could be retrofitted with the gadgets you describe....can get an OEM CD Player (will take some searching and a few hundred for the bezel and head etc)


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To keep it as stock as possible and still get the fetures you want, replace or repair the radio brain and add an aux connection. A 1/8" jack fits nicely in the ashtray area. This would give you a audio input that can be used with almost any headphone out device.

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