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1941 Ford Super Deluxe For Sale

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1941 Ford Super Delixe 4-door sedan. A complete, unrestored, uncut, unmolested, undisturbed car.

This car was painted black by the original owner at the time of delivery. Inside of the fenders the paint is still on the inner fenders and was originally blue. The interior is 100% original but is starting to suffer from dry rot.

The car was last registered in 1961, it had never been stored outside. We have owned the car since 1974, and I can verify that other than moving the car from storage barn to storage barn, the car hasn't seen the light of day for more than 3 hours since 1974 let alone rain. The exposure of this car to the daylight is only from when the shop door is open. This is an honest to goodness barn find that is not a pile of rust. For those of you who know my father and I, I can tell you that of all of the cars that we have restored, in its' original state <span style="font-style: italic"><span style="font-weight: bold">IT IS THE NICEST CAR THAT WE HAVE EVER OWNED</span></span>. I hate to sell it, but time, money and space requirements are forcing us to sell it. If we were to restore this car ourselves, it would be nicer than anything that we own.

$4,000 and it's yours!!

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